I am starting this blogging page for those of you that want to share opportunities in the social research field. That includes knowledge of any jobs and internships, as well as particular internship experiences. I also hope that this blog can serve as an alumni site which can connect alum with current students. And of course, it is for talking about sociological, current event related issues that pertain (or semi pertain) to our studies. Happy blogging! -Kristen

6 Responses to “Hello fellow GSR students and alumni!”

  1. Sarah Morgano said:

    I’m planning on going back to school and came across the MS in Social Research at Hunter. Sounds like a terrific program and hope to learn more about it through your blog.

  2. Manfred Kuechler said:

    Cool. Would be great if many alumni would actively participate and share their professional experience with current and prospective students.

  3. Michael Wood said:

    Kudos to Kristen for setting this up!

  4. Kristen Pappas said:

    For those of you like Sarah who are not in the program but interested, come to our “Social Mixer” to hang out with students:

    Friday May 7th
    5pm to 8pm
    Phoenix Park Bar and Restaurant
    206 E 67th Street

    *Sorry, no free food or drinks, still working on getting Graduate Association funding!!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Unfortunately my commentary on the GSR program is not as positive as others so I’ll try to keep it brief and highlight not only the cons but the pros as well.

    Its a great program if your interests are specific to the media and marketing fields. There is room to expand into the to international development realm but anything else would require taking courses outside of Hunter at the Graduate Center or other CUNY schools.

    Choice in courses at Hunter are very slim and limited.

    The adminstration is very close knit which is nice, but can lead to problems if you are having problems with a particular faculty member.

  6. Anonymous said:

    Also a note to consider if you are interested in the social sciences – what do you really want to do with the degree.

    For example, are you interested in research only, being hands on, working with families and kinds, working on policy development, teaching etc.

    Depending on your plans your interest may fall more into the social services field/social work instead of social research.